study of gemology

The Study of Gemology

The following sections contain information pertaining to the study of gemology, and is provided free from You may download any of this information for your own personal study. Please see the copyright information below for further details.


Study of Gemology

Demonstrations and Overviews

 How to become a gemologist!

  Making Gemstones in the Kitchen

  Jewelers, Gemologists and Appraisers?

Petrified Wood

  Overview of Gemological Equipment

Controlling the Speed of Light

Study of the Chelsea Filter

  Beach Sand to Computer Chips

Study of the Crystal Systems

   Demonstrating Birefringence w/ Calcite

Study of the Dichroscope

   Natural Magnetism 

 Study of the Jewelers Loupe

     Natural Radioactivity

Study of the Polariscope

   Calcite and Laser Demonstration

Study of the Refractometer

Growing Halite in the Classroom

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