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How to become a gemologist

For professional or hobby. Learn how you can become a gemologist including schools, jobs, salaries and more.

The Gemstones

Gemstone Reference Library. Learn all about gemstones from our free reference library located at the link above.

The Minerals

Mineral Reference Library. Amazing minerals await you in our free mineral reference library created just for you.

The Study of Gemology

For professionals or hobby. Here is an amazing collection of free gemology study pages for learning.

Gemology Tools

For every level of gemology. Here we offer a complete overview of the tools you need as a gemologist

Created and Treated Gemstones

Free Reference Library. A free reference library of how to identify created and treated gems.

ISG Translated Gemology Courses

Certified Professional Gemologist. Take courses in your native language, earn your certified professional gemology certificate. 

International School of Gemology

Learn More about the ISG. Visit the ISG website to learn more about our world-class programs in gemology and jewelry appraisal.

Gemology for Kids

For teachers, home school and more. Here are some fascinating learning opportunities created just for kids.

Reference Charts and Graphs

How to estimate gemstone weights. Get important information on properties and weight estimations by measurement

Gemology Videos

Free gemology videos. We offer some of the most fun YouTube videos to help you best understand the study of gemology.

Meet YourGemologist

Learn about YourGemologist. Visit with me and let me tell you about how I got to be a gemologist

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