Gemesis Created Diamond

Synthetic: HPHT Synthetic

Identification Tools Required: No diagnostic tools available for grass roots jewelers or consumers. High tech gemological testing equipment is required. However, please note below…

How to Identify:

Primary Test: The Gemesis Cultured Diamond will normally have an inscribed girdle with the name, serial number and any treatments. Image is below. While this inscription may be polished off in rare cases, the technology and know-how to do this will be an issue that precludes this event in all but the most heinous of situations.

Secondary Tests: Pink is strongly reactive to both long wave and short wave ultraviolet radiation as seen below. The blue is radiated with a strong Raman photoluminescence reaction as see also. To date there is no diagnostic test available on a grass roots level to identify these as lab created diamonds.

Repair and Setting: Reacts the same as natural diamond to all scenarios.

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