Emerald Sunstone

Treatment: Diffused

Identification Tools Required: Refractometer, magnification, immersion cell.

How to Identify:

Primary Test: The most important about this material is that it is not an emerald in any form. This stone has been sold on the market as “Emerald Sunstone” when in fact it is nothing more than a diffused feldspar andesine, the same as the diffused andesine reported over the past few years. It is simply a new name on an old scam. The important issue of this material is that it has been coated to give a false high reading in the refractometer. There is a coating on the stone that can be viewed in the images below. This coating raises the RI of the stone to a level well above the traditionally found diffusion andesine RI readings. By cleaning the stones in acetone for just a few minutes the coating can be removed and the true nature of the stone revealed. The stones we purchased from Valitutti Jewelers in Canada also were glued into place in the ring setting. Another indicator of a problem with any gemstone purchase.

Secondary Tests: None required

Repair and Setting: Extreme caution is advised with this material. It is actually a diffused and coating feldspar of the same type of diffused andesine. The coating is very fragile and will be removed in an ultrasonic or other cleaners. The diffusion process is not fully understood so any heating of the stone should be strictly avoided. Consumers should be advised of the status of the stone as diffused and coated before any repairs are initiated.

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