Ruby Sunstone

Treatment: Diffusion of natural feldspar

Identification Tools Required: Magnification and immersion cell.

How to Identify:

Primary Test: Please review the Emerald Sunstone page for information on this stone. This is a rework of the diffusion treated andesine previous discussed on our pages. The difference is a coating applied to this stone to cause the refractive index to be higher than the normal diffusion treated andesine, which has caused some confusion among gemologists. A brief time in some acetone will remove the coating and reveal the true nature of this material.

Secondary Tests: None needed

Repair and Setting: Extreme caution is advised with this material. It is actually a diffused and coating feldspar of the same type of diffused andesine. The coating is very fragile and will be removed in an ultrasonic or other cleaners. The diffusion process is not fully understood so any heating of the stone should be strictly avoided. Consumers should be advised of the status of the stone as diffused and coated before any repairs are initiated.

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