Ring with labradorite cabochon in sterling silver…showing labradorescence

Consumer Information

What color is it?: Generally a brownish color but the blue flash of labradorescence is the reason for the excitement about this very special gemstone. What is the story behind this gemstone?: This is the only gemstone in the world that shows true labradorescence. Somewhat close to adularescence of moonstone but with a much prettier blue color.

Can I wear it everyday?: Yes. Very long wearing gemstone.

Is it expensive?: No. In fact there is a lot of this material on the market right now at very low prices.

Is it a birthstone?: No.

What do I need to know before going shopping?: The most important point is how nice the blue sheen colors look. This will determine that price of the stone. Look at several stones before you decide on your purchase to be sure you are getting the best available.



General Information

Source: Northeastern Canada is the finest source.

Chemical: Na(AlSi3O8)Ca(Al2Si2O8) (member of the feldspar family)

Formation: Igneous rocks most often

Crystal System: Triclinic

Unusual Properties: Labradorescence Gemological Information RI: 1.56 – 1.568

Birefringence: .008

Optic Character: B+

Specific Gravity: 2.70

Hardness: 6 1/2

Transparency: TL Special Identifying Properties and Tests: Only stone to offer labradorescence Synthetics: None Imitations: None that are convincing to the trained eye.

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