Imitation of Lapis Lazuli

Synthetic: Imitation

Identification Tools Required: Magnification, Chelsea filter.

How to Identify:

Primary Test: Magnification will reveal a totally unnatural appearance to this material. Rather than offering a mottle blue color with large color variations, this material shows far too uniform of a blue color with small blue spots throughout. Also present will be a white streak when scratched. Anyone familiar with natural lapis lazuli should not be confused by this material.

Secondary Tests: Chelsea filter is a secondary test if required. Natural lapis lazuli will have a slight red reaction to the Chelsea filter, something that is missing from this imitation material.

Repair and Setting: Use the same precautions for all lapis lazuli and any porous gem material. No cleaners as the stone is very porous and will soak up cleaner. No heating in ultrasonic or by torch.

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