The Story of Fluorite Gemstones


Source: England (known as “blue john” and see below) and many other world sources


Crystal System: Cubic

Formation: Hydrothermal vents & hot springs


Properties: Shows perfect cubic formation, cleaved to show octahedron shape. Very rarely is fluorite faceted due to its low hardness of 4. However, YourGemologist was able to obtain the faceted specimen above.

Fluorite is popular for use with carving owing to its ability to offer a rainbow of colors as seen in the bird sculpture shown at left. This is, of course, in addition to its use in toothpaste to fight cavities….as in fluoride toothpaste, a form of fluorite. Although it is in a much different chemical form, its still the same basic substance. Which shows us just how much our lives are affected by minerals every day.


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