Cremation Memorial Diamonds

Cremation Memorial Diamonds

Synthetic: HPHT Synthetic

Identification Tools Required: No diagnostic tools available

How to Identify:

Primary Test: These diamonds are of highly questionable origin. Claimed to be created using ashes from cremated humans and animals, in addition to hair, etc….. No known test to identify these as synthetic diamond or as containing carbon from living things.

Follow Up: The ISG has done significant amounts of research on this and found a highly questionable industry. The sellers do not own any diamond making equipment. All diamonds are reported to be made in Russian where the ashes are sent. There is no proof that the ashes are actually used to make the diamonds. Prices can be as much as 220% higher than comparable natural and other lab created diamonds. No known method to confirm or deny these claims without further legal investigations by a government organization…which is highly unlikely at this time.

Consumer Caution: The companies claiming to make memorial or cremation diamonds cannot provide any proof of their claims. We urge consumers to be aware of the pitfalls of these claims that prey on people at their most difficult time in life.

Repair and Setting: Reacts the same as natural diamond to all scenarios.

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