The Story of Chrysoprase Gemstones

chrysopraseConsumer Information

What color is it?: A beautiful pastel green color as shown above and below, to an apple green color shown at bottom of page.

What is the story behind this gemstone?: This is the most rare, and most expensive, of the chalcedony family of gemstones from the quartz group. It is very rare to find in larger sizes and offers a very unique translucent green color unlike anything else on the market.

Can I wear it everyday?: Absolutely. Chrysoprase is one of the best wearing gemstones there is.

Is it expensive?: Generally yes, as compared to other members of the chalcedony family. Due to its rarity it is not only difficult to find, but larger sizes in fine, even colors will be even more difficult and, therefore, more expensive.

Is it a birthstone?: No.

What do I need to know before going shopping?: Do not expect to find this gemstone is just any old jewelry store. You will need to find a store who deals in a lot of exotic gemstones, and/or one who has a qualified gemologist on staff who can make sure you are getting the real thing. It may take a while for your local jeweler to find you some nice stones to choose from. But be patient. The examples shown here are from a new find in Australia that is producing some excellent gemstones.

General Information

Source: The specimens shown here are from the southern regions of Australia

Chemical: SiO2

Formation: Found in nickel ore deposits from which it obtains its coloring element.

Crystal System: Trigonal

Unusual Properties: None.

Gemological Information

RI: 1.530 – 1.539

Birefringence: .009

Optic Character: U+

Specific Gravity: 2.64 +-

Hardness: 7

Transparency: Tl to Opaque

Special Identifying Properties and Tests: Color and RI should be diagnostic for experienced gemologists.

Synthetics: None known at this time.

Imitations: Many

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