Chatham Created Opal

Chatham Created Opal
Status: Lab Created

Identification Tools Required: Magnification.

How to Identify:

Primary Test: The Chatham opal is hands down the finest lab grown opal on the market. The opal shown below is faceted and very unique in the market. There are few natural counterparts to this type of lab grown opal which makes the identification fairly easy. Note that that gem is not only faceted but the internal structure under magnification looks similar to the structure of the hydrothermal gemstones. While the method of synthesis is unknown for this product, the quality of the product is without question as is the gemologists ability to identify this material using the images below.

Secondary Tests: None needed.

Repair and Setting: As a true lab created opal the same care should be taken as would be with a natural opal. No heat, no ultrasonic and no cleaners.

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