The Story of Aragonite Gemstones



Source: World wide

Chemical: CaCO (calcium carbonate)

Crystal System: Orthorhombic

Formation: This important mineral forms in hydrothermal environments, limestone caves, and sedimentary rock formations.

Properties: The interesting point about aragonite is that it is the material that oysters use to make….pearls. If you look at the chemical content of aragonite you will see that it is a calcium carbonate just like pearls. Which is, in fact, what pearls of made of. But one more interesting fact…..aragonite is also made of the same material as TUMS….the antacid. This interesting mineral has a place in any collection or teaching exhibit due to its many ties with our everyday lives. A massive formation of aragonite is shown below. Colors will vary widely and include white, brown, green, blue, and yellow among others.


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