apatiteConsumer Information

What color is it?: Apatite will generally be a variety of intense greens or yellows.

What is the story behind this gemstone?: Being a fairly soft stone, apatite is rarely used for rings. But because of its unusual intense green color it is becoming popular for earrings and pendants.

Can I wear it everyday?: For earrings and pendants, yes. But it is rather soft for rings.

Is it expensive?: No. A nice apatite will generally cost about the same as a nice amethyst.

Is it a birthstone?: None.

What do I need to know before going shopping?: Just remember that the more intense the color, this higher the cost of the apatite. The best stones will be almost a neon greenish blue.

General Information

Source: Brazil, Sri Lanka, India, and other sources

Chemical: Ca5 (PO4)3(FClOH)

Formation: In igneous rocks mostly, although it can also be found in metamorphic rocks.

Crystal System: Hexagonal

Unusual Properties: None.

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